About Pell Grant

Pell Grant- Helping You To Pursue Your Dream Of Higher Education

If you are eager to study ahead but your hands are tied down because of your financial situation then Pell Grant is your best solution. Through this Pell Grant, the government is helping you to pursue your dream of higher studies, so that you can fulfill them. The Pell Grant now helps millions of students to achieve higher education across the country.

What is a Pell Grant?

A Pell Grant may be defined as the aid of the government which is provided to the financially underprivileged undergraduate and sometimes post-graduate students. Unlike the education loans, these Pell Grant don’t need to be returned. These are given to people who can’t afford to bear the cost of higher education but are eager to do so. The amount of money of the Pell Grant, however, depends on the type, of course, you are opting for, the financial help your family is capable of giving as well as you attendance.

History of the Pell Grants:

Sponsored by the United States Department of Education and covered by the Higher Education Act of 1965, the Pell Grant is called so because of U.S senator Claiborne Pell. Although today the Pell Grant is a kind of non-returnable financial aid to the unprivileged student, it started as a kind of aid to the lower-middle-class student who wanted to pursue higher study but couldn’t do so due to financial reasons. Pell Grant also provided low-interest loan to the students who were not eligible to get grants. Even educational institutes were granted money via the Pell Grant to improve the quality of education.

Originally known as the Basic Education Opportunity Grant, the Pell Grant came into action in the year of 1972 and was named as Pell Grant in 1980. Although there have been huge changes in the Pell Grant since its birth, some have the opinion that it has not been up to the mark in coping up with the inflation.