Unique Selling Proposition: 5 Tips to Discover Your Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition is simply what sets you apart from your competitors. Having a well developed unique selling proposition, is what will allow customers to choose your business over your competitors. Many internet businesses fail to focus on this area of business branding, simply because they don’t know to do it, or even how to do it. In this article, I will you will get a jump start on focusing in on your USP, how to develop it with 5 simple tips. In no time, you will have more customers to your business.


  1. Get into the mind frame of your customer. We often look at it from our own perspective network marketers need to. But it is imperative that you look through the eyes of your prospect. Start to think differently. Think like your prospect. You are a solutions provider. What do they need? How can you provide a solution?


  1. Know that a USP sets you apart from your competitors. You want people to look at your business as different. As “unique”. Your USP helps them realize that they want to buy from you.


  1. Find the need and figure out how you can fill it. Look at your niche. Are there any gaps in it? When you look at what area of business you are in, what are they doing? Is there anything that you see that you would do differently, or better? Look at your audience and discover the performance gaps.


  1. Know that you have to PROVE that you can provide them with the solutions that they want. Keeping this in mind, you must recognize your abilities and put it all together to show and prove that you can solve the problems.


  1. You offer must be of value to your prospect. You must have the “wow” factor, or the “It” factor in your solution or product. This can be in the delivery of the product, or in the product itself. This involves thinking outside of the box. The unique selling proposition should be understandable by the prospect. Very specific and clear. This makes for great customer service/

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