Why a resume builder can ruin your search job

Every job seeker wants to find a good job. The most important tool they should have is an eye catching resume. A resume should create an impression to the recruiters before the candidate is called for an interview. Many job seekers find it a challenge to express themselves in terms of work experience, education qualifications and other important skill sets. In addition, they try to use some keywords that will impress the employer; hence they opt for online resume builders. This is because they are affordable and are pre-formatted. However, this is usually a mistake. Let’s look at why most online resume builders fail;

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Most builders’ fonts and formats are restricted

When customizing the resume, most resume builders use software that does not accept some specific fonts and formats. For importance of resume fonts see this article. In fact, most resumes do not function on other word processing software. Since it is 100% online, the user might not be able to save the resume in Microsoft word. Other builders provide a PDF copy of resume which becomes hard to update. On the same note; a job seeker might be forced to edit the resume when applying for different positions. This means he or she should customize the resume. Further, once the resume is done, it becomes hard to make hard copies. This means, your resume cannot be sent to the employer in case a hard copy is needed.

Language barrier

Most builders are restricted to American grammar. This means someone who is not an American native speaker cannot custom the resume to any other language. When you try to translate into your local language like German or French, it does not change. This means you can waste time writing your resume and then it fails to work. There are some countries where the employer will not accept a resume in any other language apart from the national language of that particular country.

Online resumes are prone to spam

Since there are many job seekers who are taking the same short cut of writing an online resume, resume builders will often ask for an email address. Once you provide an email address, it will be easy to access the software. However, you are likely to receive several spam emails every day. Likewise, some builders could be using corrupt software which might damage your device or computer the moment you sign in your email.

The license is for one person

There different resume builders who offer different packages .The license provided is for one person. There are some cases where a license is only for one resume. This means, one can waste a lot of money yet you will not get the full services which you paid for. On the other hand, the license restriction means you cannot assist a friend or a family member to build his or her resume. This is basically a huge drawback if you cannot use the resume builder more than once. It is quite expensive bearing in mind some give trial versions for testing but you have to buy the builder to do the actual work.

Requires too much information

To complete your resume, you are required to fill in too much information when using the builder.

We should not look for quick and easy solutions when writing a resume. It is recommended that we do the actual writing on our own in just a few minutes. However, you need have a few tips like;

  • Ensure you have positive power words in your resume
  • You must understand what the employers are looking for
  • Come up with simple keys to drive your potential employer into reading your resume
  • Format your resume such that it stands out from the crowd

Job seekers should not take shortcuts. Once you understand why most online resume builders fail, you will never take that path again.